Friday, April 22, 2016

Baby #2!

(Didn't include my children's names, because, well...the world is a creepy place.)

Well, our dear 2nd daughter, you had us fooled just like your sister did. I called my mom and Devery on Monday night swearing I was in labor. Daniel and I were at Truetts trying to distract ourselves from irregular contractions. I had three right in a row that were six minutes apart. Your daddy was FRANTIC trying to get the bill! We ended up finishing dinner at home. Daniel and I slept in my room with contractions continuing almost all night but with no pattern while Mom and Devery slept on the couch. We headed to the hospital around 2 maybe, but turned around 1 minute from the hospital because as SOON as I got in the car, the contractions stopped. Way to mess with us!!

The next day, we took  our eldest to Kathy at school so we could sleep. When we picked her up in the afternoon, we bought me some new running shoes and headed to the track to WALK YOU OUT! From the time I woke up from my nap, the contractions were about every 30 minutes. But I KNEW these were the real thing and that you would probably come in the middle of the night like your sister.

We went to bed that night with me hopping up and rocking myself back and forth whenever I had a contraction. I kept waiting to call Devery and Mom because the times were SO IRREGULAR. 30 minutes, 4 minutes, 12 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. It was driving me bonkers! Finally I couldn’t do it on my own anymore, no matter how irregular the times were! Dev and Mom got there around 2 again; Dev took one look at me and said, “Oh, Kiley, we’re doing this tonight.”

MIL came to be with our daughter, and off we left. The contractions were every 5-ish minutes the whole time up there, but nothing unmanageable. When we arrived, they took Daniel and me to a triage room and checked me at 5 cm (that’s it?! Last time I arrived at 9 cm, so I was a little bummed.) I’m so glad we got there when we did. I was in triage until sometime after 4, and then I walked to the delivery room. Then the hospital staff essentially left us alone except for periodic visits, which was AWESOME. I got to rely on my mom, Vickie Mantooth, Daniel, and Devery to help me through the last leg of labor.

Dev went into full midwife mode, and I can’t imagine doing it without her. She had me switching positions every 20 minutes or so to keep moving. With our eldest, I was in the bed the whole time and it was TERRIBLE. With Cor, I was squatting, walking, lunging sort of, sitting, etc. (how attractive, right?) all during contractions. WAY better than being confined in a bed to just think about pain. Eventually the nurse came in and checked me at 10 cm. I said, “Oh, so that’s why it hurts so badly!”]
They got the water tub filled up with hot water and it was GLORIOUS to sink into. The midwife said, “Whenever you feel like pushing, just push.” Then she pretty much backed off and Dev took over. I had three contractions, and told everyone, “I just don’t have the urge to push yet…at all.” That’s all I really remember about my eldest's birth—the urge to push is unstoppable and uncontrollable once it happens.

They told me once my water broke, I’d feel the urge. After the third contraction in the tub, my water broke, and they were right. Immediately, my body took over and I screamed, “PUSHING!!!” I heard Daniel laugh and I would have laughed too had I not been too busy, you know, pushing. It really did sound funny, I suppose—I just wanted everyone to know that I finally felt like working!

I don’t know how long I pushed. 20 minutes? We talked between contractions. About how much hair Dev felt on baby’s head, whether Daniel could get a vasectomy while we were there, why on earth Ina May calls them “rushes” instead of “contractions”. But man when it was time to push, I was LOUD. Not screaming, just grunting like a football player?! Not very feminine. Whatever. 

This time was so much better because I was in the tub and got to actually see what was going on. A woman’s body is AMAZING. I’m jealous of midwives that get to watch it work all the time!

Devery did everything. She coached me through each push, told me when to push gently, when to push hard, how to breathe, everything. Big thumbs up to Atlanta Medical for letting her do it all. She caught baby under the water, unwrapped the cord (nothing serious), and handed her to me. Awesome sister bonding time. 

Vickie said the look on my face when I was finished was one of intense relief. It WAS instant relief! 7 pound, 4 oz of squishy baby. Baby Girl came out WIDE awake and stared at me for at least 30 minutes before she fell asleep. It was the best birth experience. A perfect one to end on, because we’re done!!! :)

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  1. Congrats! Loved reading your birth story! I'll be contacting you if we can get pregnant again about your water birth experience!