Monday, February 16, 2015

For your birthday, I got you a blog post.

Dear daughter,

I only write you this 'letter' in the assumption that (a) I will one day read it to you, (b) You'll one day stumble across it while facebook stalking your mom ("psh, mom,  facebook in the 2020's? As if..."), or (c) Future anthropologists will stumble across it in their attempt to understand the ancient phenomenon known as the "world wide web"...

In any case. I hope to read this to you one day. Speaking of one, you're turning ONE in 12 days. I have no idea how that happened. Daniel and I often talk about how strange it all is. While you have revolutionized our entire lives--that is, you've made this the best (craziest, most difficult, happiest, etc.) year of our lives thus far--you won't remember ANY of it.

That's to be expected, I suppose, what with your preoccupation in eating everything and chasing the dog around the house (not to mention the limited brain capacity), but there's a few things I hope your dad and I NEVER forget about this first year of your life:

* How hard you laugh at Newman. I think you've given him a renewed purpose in life. Bless his heart, he went from being the "first-born" to  "Newman if you wake up that baby, I swear I'm going to send you to the moon." Well done, little one, in loving the pup when we forget to.

* The first time you laughed, period. All I had to do was make a ridiculous sound while a stuffed animal flew towards your face. Adults do very strange things around babies.

* How much you  love my hair. You play with it ALL THE TIME. When you're nursing, you slap me in the face until I take it out of a pony-tail so you can play with it. In fact, you've pulled out so much of my hair, I'm beginning to resemble your father (no offense, Daniel. Your bald head is a beacon of glory). But don't stop playing with my hair--I love it--and as soon as you have some, I'm going to braid it eight-thousand different ways.

* Your 4 teeth. Especially the top two. That gap is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

* How when you finish water, you smack your lips and say, "AHHHHHH". Every single time. I don't know where you learned to do that, but you make your grandma Sutton proud.

*  Our screaming matches. Not mad screaming. Happy, joyful screaming. You take after your mom in this way--we love being loud, loud, LOUD. My favorite time to grocery shop with you is in the morning, when it's not very crowded, because you can tell your voice is echoing, and it only makes you scream louder. It's hilarious, and the only people there are other parents who understand, or the much older, who might not even hear you to begin with.

*  When you were just a few weeks old, and would lay with us on the bed while we read to you. We'd all lay on our backs, and you would just stare at  whoever was reading. Now, of course, you enjoy the pictures, but in the first several months, you just wanted to watch us.

* Your face when either Mickey Mouse or "Baby Signing Time" comes on the screen. While we're on that topic, you recently have become a master at signing. It just clicked with you one week.
Up to this date, your most common signs are food, eat, all done, more, water, dog, bird, please, brush teeth (one of your favorite activities), thank you,  & daddy  (which you actually confuse with the sign for lettuce, but we get what you're trying to accomplish).
Some of your more random signs are car, lion, cold, and most recently, a new favorite: gorilla.

* When you first learned to flip, crawl, stand, etc. Walking is in the the very near future, I'm sure, but no rush. We have a few more cabinets we need to baby-proof first.
* How you have made your father become emotional. Before you were born, I saw a misty eye from him maybe once a year. But when you popped out, tears were his first a good way! Since then, he can't think about you growing up without getting teary eyed.

* How you continue to wake me up AT LEAST once a night to "nurse" (but really, it's because you just want to cuddle). I know you won't do it forever, so I'm not going to worry that you're not sleeping through the night yet. I know I'll miss the sleepless nights one day.

There's so many other memories you've created for this family. Little one, we didn't know what we were missing before you got here. Thanks for letting me name you after my favorite singer. Thanks for letting me dress you up. We can't wait to teach you all about Star Wars and Superman and Middle Earth and Harry Potter and other dorky things we can't get enough of.

You are the best thing that's ever happened to us, and we don't ever want to go back.

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