Saturday, February 2, 2013

Within My Reach

Remember that one time, when I said I was going to write every day for a year? I guess my 3 month blogging sabatical has ended. Since I'm hardly creative and/or wound up enough to come up with my own topic, I'm back to the challenge...this blog is made possible in part by Cynthia Louden's prompts, and viewers like you.

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Within my reach...

 The world. Yes, the world is within my reach. Since my last post, I upgraded from the archaic-yet-practical flip-phone to an iphone 4. My students have hassled me about my phone for years. In response, I always proudly held my head high, and with chin pointed in indignation, boldly declared that I had no use for something as snobby and expensive as an i-phone.

Sooo...when the ol' faithful flip phone could do little more than flip anymore, I knew I had to get a new phone. Verizon was "selling" (?) the Iphone 4 for free, so I hopped on the band-wagon of western culture and got one for Daniel and me.

When I brought it to school the next day and pulled it out of my pocket, the enthusiasm from the students was so profound (and LOUD!), that one would have thought I'd just announced a pregnancy, or pulled a winning lottery ticket out of my pocket.

So, yeah, now I'm guilty of relying on a piece of glassy goodness for my every need and curious whim.

Things I've "discovered" from my I-phone:

-- It's fantastic to look something matter where you are! That's why I claimed that the "world is within my reach". Can't understand a Nicki Minaj lyric on the radio? No problem! Want to know more about your state bird? Wikipedia that bad boy! Trying to remember the lineage of Taylor Swift's boy-toys while driving down the road? E-News right at your fingertips!! (True story, BTW).

-- "Temple Run" makes my heart race just as much as if I was actually running myself. Who needs exercise when your fingers can run like the wind!

-- "Ruzzle" makes the world feel dyslexic.

-- And lastly, and most certainly importantly, Instagram is popularizing the "duck-face" at an alarming speed. Sure it looks stupid, but I mean, come on...EVERYONE'S doing it. Old people with no teeth, you have got it going ON now! Ducks don't need teeth, and neither, apparently does the human race!

All joking aside though, my concern is that micro-evolution will yield a new species of human that no longer has the use of teeth anymore. We'll be "homo-Sapeduckians". Or "Neanderthalsducks".



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