Thursday, November 1, 2012

A moment

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A Moment

Oh, how badly I wish we could take pictures or videos from our memory and input them into the digital world. That's the thing with those random "moments", though. They sneak up on us, & wait expectantly for us to, ironically, not expect anything. These special moments refuse to submit themselves to the paparazzi of camera phones or video chat, because then they would just be blurbs that may or may not go "viral", when really, they prefer to lurk in the recesses of our minds. There, they patiently wait behind the mental lists of groceries, dates, and to-do's, and pop-out when they feel like we most need to recall them.

More importantly though, the "moments" most worth remembering cannot be captured in their entirety by camera. Pictures and videos can't fully depict the smells and sounds of these moments. They can't fully remind you what you touched, what you felt. Everyone has these moments. Times in our lives that we wish we could bottle up and keep forever, because they so quickly come and go. We forget about them for a while, but they faithfully return to us when we least expect them.

Some of my FAVORITE moments from childhood were what my mother and I STILL like to call our "soccer naps". These were naps taken in the Spring time before Brady's soccer games. While the team was warming up, and dad was painting the fields or prepping to coach, mom and I would roll the mini-van windows down, lean the seats back and close our eyes.

 "Soccer naps" are very different from normal naps. During soccer naps, you teeter on the line between consciousnesses and slumber. Conversations around you are incorporated into your semi-asleep dreams. I can still remember what it felt like taking those naps, and hearing the parents cheering on their kids, and sounds of the gravel parking lot, and then there was that briefest of moments when the sun would go behind a cloud, and I wouldn't have to close my eyes as tightly.

Strange moment to remember, I realize. But a few months ago, my dad mentioned something about having the "best nap", and mom and I BOTH said, "No, no, the best nap is a SOCCER nap."

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