Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Far?

Day Topic 13 of "A Year of Blogging Ideas" (go here)

Yeah. I'm averaging 1 topic a week, so at this rate, it is really "{Seven} year{s} of Blogging Ideas."

Whatever. How Far?

I'm not feeling particularly deep today, so here's a few things that just apply. How far into the season will the Jets go before they let Tebow play some QB? How far into the future until Daniel and I move from GA? It will happen. We just don't know when, and under what circumstances. How far can I make it on my 5k in two weeks without stopping to walk? Right now, D and I are doing a 3.6 mile HILLY loop around Lake Peachtree in about 42 minutes. That's longer than a 5k, so hopefully I'll be able to really impress myself at the race. How far should this blog post go? Not much longer.

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